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Press coverage of videos I made for Conde Nast Entertainment.


‘Pretty Big Movement’ Takes on Dance Company Stereotypes - NPR Weekend Edition

Watch The Women Paving The Way For Plus Size Dancers - VIBE

Pretty Big Movement Crushes Body Stereotypes with Style - The Huffington Post

This Woman Was Sick Of Not Seeing Herself Represented, So She Started Her Own Movement - BuzzFeed

People Are Losing It Over This Full-Size Dance Company’s Choreography - Cosmopolitan

The Pretty Big Movement Is Proving That Dancers Can Be All Shapes And Sizes - BUST

Plus-Size Dancer Who Starred in TWO Beyoncé Videos Founds Company For Curvy Stars - The Daily Mail

Pretty Big Movement Is Here To Change What You Think A Dancer's Body Should Look Like - Essence

These Women Are Destroying Stereotypes About What Dancers Should Look Like - Refinery29


Nico Tortorealla Gets a Drag Makeover from Trinity Taylor - E! News

Women Get Bikini Waxes for the First Time in Slow Motion - Teen Vogue


A short documentary I made about burlesque performer Jacqueline Boxx was featured on Vimeo’s staff-curated channel for female filmmakers, “Ladies With Lenses.”

Watch This Disabled Burlesque Performer Own Her Sexuality - The Huffington Post

Disabled Burlesque Performer With Rare Genetic Disorder Wows Audiences with her VERY Sexy Wheelchair Routines - The Daily Mail

This Burlesque Dancer in a Wheelchair Proves Her Sexuality Has No Limits - Revelist


These Muslim Sisters Are Fighting Islamophobia With Jiu-Jitsu - The Huffington Post


Here's What One Bathing Suit Looks Like On 10 Different Bodies - Bustle


Women Were Told They're 'Beautiful,' And Their Glowing Reactions Were Caught On Camera - A Plus


I Ended Up Marrying My Sorority Sister - The Huffington Post


Watch These Women Get Brutally Real About Being ‘Plus-Size’ - The Huffington Post


12 Things Muslim Women Are Damn Tired of Hearing - The Huffington Post

Daughter’s Thank You Letter To Single Mom Brought Them Both To Tears - The Huffington Post

Press coverage of videos I made for Bustle.


How Street Harassment Affects Women Bike Messengers - Women You Should Know

For Female Cyclists, Street Harassment Is A Real Concern - CyclingTips


Women Tried Boudoir Photography For The First Time And Loved Every Second Of It - BuzzFeed

Watch 3 Women Pose For A Boudoir Photoshoot For The First Time - The Huffington Post


The Scientific Reason You Feel So Sh*tty After a Breakup - Greatist

There's A Scientific Reason You Keep Texting Your Ex After You Break Up - Elite Daily

Science Explains Why You Feel So Bad After A Breakup - The Huffington Post


Sexism Makes Star Wars a Galaxy Far, Far Away - The Big Smoke


Straight People Try To Guess The Meanings Of Gay Slang Terms - BuzzFeed

Straight People Try (And Fail) To Decipher What Gay Slang Words Mean -

Watch Straight People Try, Fail Miserably to Define These Gay Slang Terms - Cosmopolitan

What Do Straight People Think This Gay Slang Means? - The Advocate

Straight People Totally Fail At Trying To Identify 'Gay Slang' Terms - Elite Daily


A Beginner's Guide To The Body Positive Movement - SELF

What Is the Body Positive Movement? - Everyday Feminism


These Curvy Swimsuit Models Share Some Relatable Advice - Greatist


Press coverage of my personal blog, That Cheap Bitch.


How To Make Temporary Tattoos Out Of Dried Flowers, Because Metallic Ones Are Sooo Last Coachella - Bustle

Spring Beauty: Make Temporary Tattoos with Dried Flowers - Make Magazine

How to Make Temporary Dried Flower Tattoos - Good Housekeeping

How To Make Temporary Tattoos From Real Dried Flowers - StyleCaster

Dried Flower Tattoos Are a Thing - Cosmopolitan UK


These Are The Secrets to Removing Hair Dye at Home - Mic


41 Insanely Easy Ways To Transform Your Shirts For Summer - BuzzFeed

18 Victoria's Secret Hacks That'll Save You Shitloads Of Money - BuzzFeed

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